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Core Values: These are the values we want to uphold in all we do in our ministry:

W is for Word: We want to keep God's Word as our final authority for all we do and believe.

O is for Order: We want to submit to the governing structure and administrative protocol of Kingdom Worship Center International.

R is for Relevance: We want to be in touch with the culture of the "real world" of our congregation and our community.

S is for Servanthood: We want to accomplish the work of ministry by using our gifts, talents and abilities with a Christ-like attitude.

H is for Humility: We want to be sensitive to the needs of others by regarding their interests as more important than our own.

I is for Integrity: We want to live and function with a moral code of conduct that is aligned with the Word of God.

P is for Partnership: We want to be committed to doing ministry in teams that trust each other and work together.

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