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  Untitled Document Pastor Frederick Guions is a former pro football player who has enjoyed a successful career as a Financial Advisor for two major Wall Street firms.

He is an internationally recognized teacher and writer. He has embraced his assignment to inspire and empower others to achieve their dreams and God-given assignment by pursuing, possessing, proclaiming and publishing the expertise of God.

He is an authority on The Kingdom of God and is celebrated for his uncommon revelation and motivational style of articulating God s word.

A tremendous speaker, his ministry is recognized as one of the most profound and relevant teaching ministries of Kingdom Philosophy. As an orator of the scriptures he believes the voice of God to every believer today is "There is life beyond the church!"

He has appeared on radio, conducted seminars, hosted conferences and has been invited to speak at church events, men's conferences, colleges and universities, international meetings and other special events.

His monthly School of Increase meetings have been instrumental in helping people find life instead of making a living.

He is also founder and president of Frederick Guions Ministries (FGM). It functions as the outreach ministry of Kingdom Worship Center International. The mission of FGM is to increase the influence of The Kingdom of God worldwide and train believers everywhere how to live independent of this world's system and have dominion over it.





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